Top-Grade Ammo

Top-Grade Ammo

$ 36.95


Top-Grade Ammo is a step-by-step-by-step guide to producing high-quality handloaded/reloaded ammunition. And it’s for everyone! It’s written for the beginner all the way through the advanced handloader, and all needs and budgets are respected.

Top-Grade Ammo ought to come packed with every piece of reloading equipment… It shows you how to choose and use every piece of reloading equipment perfectly!

  • 15 separate, comprehensive segments (from the very most basic to well beyond advanced)
  • “Magazine-style” layout for easy-to-read clarity
  • 314 packed pages
  • 430+ large and clear photos
  • Lay-flat binding (workshop ready)
Specific: complete tool lists provided, with no favors owed (except to you) Don’t wreck your AR15! The focus and emphasis in Top-Grade Ammo is loading and reloading for semi-automatic rifles. Reason is clear and simple: That represents the focus and interest of the majority of new reloaders, and it’s also been the most neglected and overlooked topic in the industry. There is some crucial, critical information you need to know, and respect, to produce safe, accurate, dependable ammo, time after time after time. Top-Grade Ammo provides all the tool selections and settings, and also proven loading data, to ensure your satisfaction. And if someone can learn the ins-and-outs needed to produce and reproduce quality semi-auto loads, he or she is certified and verified as competent to load ammo for any rifle. Bolt-actions are covered too!
Avoid tourist traps! The only way to know well is to know better! Top-Grade Ammo relays the process I follow to load my own ammunition. Top-Grade Ammo is written from an overall perspective (not only target shooters). Whether your interest is hunting, recreation, defense, or winning a national championship, Top-Grade Ammo covers it over. I’ll go ahead and say it: I think this is the best book on loading ammo yet produced. I’m really proud of it.
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