Crypto Enthusiasts Unite: Merkle Trade’s First Trading Contest Is Here

For daring crypto enthusiasts who thrive on adventure and the thrill of the trade, the wait is over. As seen on advantages of crypto currency news sites, Merkle Trade, the innovative decentralized trading platform, is launching its inaugural trading contest, and it promises to be a journey like no other. In this article, we’ll dive into the exhilarating details of Merkle Trade’s first trading contest and why it’s an adventure that every crypto enthusiast should be a part of.

A Contest for Adventurers

Merkle Trade’s trading contest is not your typical competition; it’s an adventure that invites crypto enthusiasts to showcase their trading skills and strategies in a dynamic and competitive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer eager to test your abilities, this contest has a place for you.

The Quest for Prizes

At the heart of this adventure lies the quest for prizes. With a total prize pool of $3,000, participants have a thrilling opportunity to claim their share of the treasure. The contest will span two weeks, starting on April 25th, and all Aptos platform users are welcome to participate.

Testnet-Based Trading

Merkle Trade’s contest operates on a testnet-based trading environment, meaning participants will trade with virtual tokens acquired through a faucet. This risk-free setup allows traders to experiment, refine their strategies, and compete without the fear of financial loss—a true adventure in the world of crypto trading.

Rankings Based on Performance

In the spirit of fair competition, Merkle Trade ranks participants based on their Profit and Loss (PnL) metrics. It’s not just about trading volumes; it’s about making informed decisions, executing successful trades, and showcasing your trading prowess.

Boost Your Ranking

To add an extra layer of excitement, participants have the opportunity to boost their contest ranking by inviting friends to join. Regardless of their friends’ investment success, this social element fosters camaraderie and encourages active participation.

Quests and Discord Events

Merkle Trade goes above and beyond to enhance the contest experience. Traders can embark on bi-daily trading quests with exclusive rewards. Additionally, a dedicated Discord event allows participants to earn points and additional rewards for their contributions to the community, making this adventure a truly interactive one.

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