About The Author

Glen Zediker is the owner of Zediker Publishing, quietly celebrating 25
years in business. 
Glen has worked professionally with some of the greatest shooters on the
planet, as well as leading industry "insider" rifle builders, manufacturers,
and proven authorities on gunsmithing, barrelmaking, parts design and
manufacture, and handloading. And he does pretty well on his own: Glen is a
card-carrying NRA High Master and earned that classification using an AR15
Service Rifle (and the information he put into his books). He's also had
hundreds of articles published in magazines like American Rifleman, Guns &
Ammo, The Rifle Shooter, and Precision Shooting. He currently does a
department on AR15s for GUNS Magazine. 
Additional information, publications, and manuals are available at my ZedikerPublishing.com website. Please feel free to explore and download articles. Thank you for your support!