About Us


Zediker Publishing is celebrating (quietly) its twentieth year in operation. I started up because I wanted to produce publications that reflected my way of thinking about what and how instruction materials should be.

I drifted toward shooting materials for a couple of reasons. One is that I like to shoot and always have. Second is that, frankly, it's a market I can compete in. My other forte, golf instruction, is conducted on radically bigger playing field, and I'm watching the action there from way on up in the nose bleed section.

I picked up what I saw as great slack in competitive shooting: much of it was being done by shade-tree astrophysicists rather than championship winning shooters (or otherwise practically-credentialled folks). If you want to learn about High Power Rifle shooting, why not ask David Tubb...

I like it "here" and plan on staying around in this neck of our woods. I do my best and hopefully this web site will turn out to be counted among my accolades. It's going to continue to grow and get better, just like Zediker Publishing.