America's Gun: The Practical AR15



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This one was 45 years in the making! That’s when I got my first AR15… I’ve seen “all this” all the way through, and it’s necessary now to have a guide, some insight and direction, in understand and sorting through all the amazing options available on the market. This book is a clear, complete, comprehensive guide that provides just that.

Americas Gun: The Practical AR15 is an in-depth look into every detail in the modern phenomena this gun family has become, and also all about its roots. 

378 pages. 35 separate segments. Each system and component broken down and examined. Questions answered, solutions found!

10 PROJECT GUN BUILDS. The entire span of platform options examINed: RIFLES, CARBINES, PISTOLS, HUNTING, SPECIALTY!

Current and Correct!

I’ve been working non-stop on this to get it done and out as soon as I could. FULL INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE HERE!

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