Handloading For Competition

Handloading For Competition

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Handloading for Competition is by the author and publisher of The Competitive AR15 series and Top-Grade Ammo. It's a guide to "practical precision" in producing high-performance ammunition. 10 major sections and 100 separate segments detail all aspects of developing and producing ammunition for competitive, high precision use in events like NRA High Power Rifle, tactical competitions, or serious varminting. Tools, methods, and processes for sizing, seating, case preparation are examined in extreme detail. Fixing "primer problems" like pierces and blow outs (and what really causes them). Bullet selection, real world accuracy and ballistic performance, and proven (because they win) loads for all popular competitive cartridges, plus "both sides" of bullet coating. Testing and development have their own sections, and there's also a special Long Range chapter by Scott Medesha, U.S. Palma® Team member. This book is a large collection of information, ideas, and essays on the production of high-performance ammunition. It's been called "the best book ever written on handloading..." many times, and none of them were cuzzins. We promise you've never read a loading book before like this one! 

This book details every nuance of realizing maximum ammunition performance, and finding out why if it's not working like it should. Unlike reloading manuals, Handloading for Competition discusses the integration of the loaded round into the shooting system (which includes the shooter). Confused? You won't be for long! Learn to make the right choices custom tailored to the unique needs of shooter, rifle, and course of fire.

Handloading For Competition has an extremely "readable" format. Just like The Competitive AR15, this book is designed for easy access and clear identification of each topic. Open the book to any spread and there's something there to enjoy, whether you've read everything preceding it or not. The unique format features a blend of fact and opinion, each presented separate from the other. We do our publications that way because we understand that not all experiences are shared in the same, and that it's a big mistake to ever assume that what works for one will work the same for all. Within these pages, however, are answers!

There are 450 pages and over 350 photos, charts, graphs, and illustrations. 7x10 size, very high quality. It's packed!

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