Slings & Things

Slings & Things

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A guide to all things worn, carried, dragged behind, and attached to an NRA High Power shooter and his rifle.

This book didn't take me as long to write as some of the bigger ones, but it took 30 years to figure out what to put in it. Guess what? It's all in it.

The title might sound a little obscure, but here’s what it means. This book is about slings and all the other things we need to function as competitive NRA High Power Rifle shooters.That’s spotting scopes, coats, mats, hats, gloves, kit, and more. I started my Basics & Beyond Series with this one because it will answer the most common questions experienced shooters get from beginners, and also from other experienced shooters. It’s the same questions I ask folks like David Tubb, Middleton Tompkins, and all those at the top level. We can all learn from all, if we listen. I’ve been asking and listening for a whopping lot of years now, and I’ve been learning. I learned a few new things writing this book. 

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Gear and kit support the score, because they support the shooter hisself. Here's some tips. Want to shoot a better offhand? Get a coat that fits and learn how to wear it. Want to shoot better sitting rapids? Figure out how to get the sling where it should be, and keep it there. Want to shoot a better 600? Choose the right scope head, stand, mat, and eyepiece. Some things really are that simple, if you know about them. Read more...

182 pages

300+ photographs (all with a squint-free guarantee)

Seven Segments

70,000 words (a really big magazine article is 2000 words, and David Tubb's High Power Rifle is just under 100,000). Slings & Things is not one of those books with many photos and few words.

Complete Recommended Sources guide, including some I bet you didn’t know...

It's honestly the best bookI've yet written, I think. it's the most of me, and the most of what I like to do, and that's talking to shooters about shooting. All this stuff matters, and some of it can matter more than the gun or ammunition (if you don't have it or what you have isn't working).