The Riflemans Guide To Rimfire Ammunition

The Riflemans Guide To Rimfire Ammunition

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The Rifleman's Guide To Rimfire Ammunition is a complete and detailed study. It's from Zediker Publishing and the first book like it anywhere.

Never before has such an exhausting and comprehensive undertaking been done. Author Steve Boelter fired every brand and sampling of rimfire ammunition he could get his hands on and meticulously recorded every detail of his results.

Samples of each ammunition variety fired were weighed, measured, and disassembled in conjunction with recording five 5-shot record groups. All totaled, 137 different rimfire rounds were tested from 11 different manufacturers. Over 32,000 rounds fired!

All brands and all choices were tested in bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles. Test guns included a Turbo custom benchrest rifle, Volquartzen Custom 10/22, and Anschutz and Sako competition and sporting rifles. 

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All available .22 Long Rifle match and sporting ammo tested, along with specialized rounds such as subsonics and shorts.

All testing performed in top-quality rifles and documented conditions. The rifles are representative of the very best and were carefully selected not only for their proven performance but also their practical suitability in determining the real-world accuracy and performance of each type of ammunition.

All available .22 WMR rounds tested.

All available .17 caliber rimfire rounds tested &emdash; Aguila, Mach 2, HMR.

352 pages and over 600 photos and files.

All test targets will soon be available for download + viewing on-line (only for book purchasers).

Additional segments discuss cleaning the rimfire barrel, maintaining the rifle, and the influences of lot variation, rim thickness, and loaded round weight. All these topics are illustrated and written about in detail, and there are tests to back up the findings.

This book is 352 pages and has over 600 photos, illustrations, and tables, 6x9 size.