Understanding Foundations is Important to Know

The process of “Rectify Underpinning Melbourne“, which is used when a new story or foundation needs to be added to an old property, allows it to support more weight. This is commonly used for restoring older buildings, adding stories, and condo conversions. It is common to see foundation cracks or that a property has plans for an even taller structure.

Why Underpinning

Underpinnings are usually associated with unstable or faulty foundations. The foundations of such buildings are usually the result of changes in ground around or beneath the building.

In the real estate industry, you’ll see that underpinning is also needed when adding additional stories to an existing property. In the case of a property that is two stories and you plan to add an additional floor or floors, your foundation will need to be strengthened to accommodate this weight. This process allows you to renovate your building while keeping the foundation intact and maintaining its integrity.

The Cost and Types of Underpinning

The structural engineer must be able to properly plan and execute the majority of these methods.

Needle Beam and Piles Underpinning Method

This method, often more expensive and advanced, involves embedding a concrete beam with reinforced rebar into concrete piles that are placed below it. This spreads out the stress of load bearing across several points.

Why Is Underpinning Important for Construction?

It is necessary to use underpinning when the foundation of the building is compromised or damaged, and if the additions are going to require more load bearing capacity. Underpinning will be necessary to correct the situation and ensure the integrity of the house. Structures that are not underpinned can collapse, causing more damage than they would cost to fix.

If the property’s foundation is damaged due to an earthquake, erosion or simply because you wish to put more weight on it, then underpinning must be performed with an expert structural engineer. It is important to choose a structural engineer who has extensive experience with underpinning. This repair should not be taken lightly.